At All Amber we specialise in organising events that facilitate progress. Our in-depth research has highlighted to us that there is a significant lack of progressive, high calibre conferences in the vital area of supply chain strategy and the technology that will enable it in West Africa.

We intend for Supply Chain West Africa to fill that vacuum. The two key facets behind the organisation of this high quality conference are:
— To create a business focused conference that facilitates the development of supply chain strategy and highlights how technology can act as a multiplier within that.
— To deliver an outstanding conference that truly creates value and a return on the time and money investment that speakers, sponsors, supporters and delegates commit to when they decide to participate.

This September the leading logistics professionals in the region and from further afield will gather at the Four Points by Sheraton on Victoria Island, Lagos. Every detail, large and small, will have been taken care of to create a positive environment. The attendees will then engage in two days of experience based knowledge sharing, scheduled interaction and informal networking.

As someone who is part of that process, and as a representative of a company that has a key role to play in that transformation, we would like you to join us.



Much has been written in recent years about the vast economic potential of the African nations. Nigeria in particular is primed to become the biggest economy on the African continent in the near future, an economic powerhouse boasting steady growth figures and fast-paced economic development. The fact remains, however, that intra-African trade accounts for only a small portion of overall African trade while this figure stands at 40%-60% within the North American, European, and Asian trade blocks:



“It is easier to move goods from African countries to Europe and the rest of the world than to trade between one African country and another.”

Goodluck Jonathan,
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Producers and manufacturers in West Africa are all too familiar with the barriers to local and regional trade. Anyone in the business of ensuring the timely delivery of materials or goods from one point to another will agree that the challenges barring the way to success are legion. The reasons for this are manifold, but the poor state of infrastructure is often cited as the single most problematic issue in this regard. It’s fair to say that a vital aspect of business success hinges on the ability to run efficient supply chains and capitalise on logistical capabilities. But instead of focusing on the things that impede business getting done, why not focus on the tools that we have at our disposal to optimise operations as much as we can?

Supply Chain West Africa aspires to do just that – focus on the tools at your disposal to optimise your operations. A delegation of your peers – senior logistics and supply chain professionals – will convene for two entire days. They will sit down together and take the bull by the horns by discussing the major challenges they’re encountering and how they have been and can be overcome. There is no more effective problem-solving tool than talking to peers that face the same problems that you face. That is what this event is offering you.

We’ve completed extensive research for Supply Chain West Africa and endeavour to construct the event around an agenda that is packed with relevant and practical presentations and rounded out by in-depth panel and roundtable discussions. Our research has identified technology as a key enabler in the development of your supply chain design and logistics capabilities. The event consequently features a wealth of insightful sessions that pave the way towards harnessing key technological and strategic advances to optimise efficiency along the entire value chain.

The event’s roundtable format ensures that discussions are inclusive and will provide every attendee the opportunity to bring their own agenda to the table and find answers. We want you to be there and participate in an active way, to join the dialogue, and build a strong network as part of an expert community. The aim is for every single delegate to return to the office with a bag full of implementable ideas and contacts to facilitate getting their job done more efficiently in terms of the technology and strategies you can employ to achieve success.

Supply Chain West Africa is dedicated to creating value for all its participants and to strengthening the supply chain industry as a whole. For too long, events in this space have failed to offer real value in return for your investment of time and money. We don’t think it’s enough to put you in a room laid out in rows of seats and have you lectured to all day. Instead (and mindful of whatever external factors may put limits on business success), we would like to invite you to join the only industry forum that brings together all those who want to engage in fruitful discussions about how we can start improving the way we do business and help find practical solutions today.